Wednesday, July 7, 2010


in between
today and tomorrow
I'm not who I am, or who I was, or who I'm becoming
in the middle

and I'm happy and I'm sad
and stagnant and growing
lonely and surrounded

I will miss today, when it's yesterday

so how, now, to breathe this breath?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain is beautiful. I love sunshiny days, with no clouds and birds and what-not, but rainy days might be my favorite. Every rain is different. Today, it's just a little gray with a light rain, just enough to surround me here in my house of windows. 

The air is cloaked in an easy melancholy, like listening to a violin play while your heart aches, just a little. Sometimes sunlight is so brash, so intrusive and overly cheerful, and you just need a break. So the sky weeps and you feel at home, just for a little while. 

So I sit, still and quiet for a change, and welcome the ache. It's part of who I am, who I am made to be, and so often I chase it away with silliness. I was made for another world, for another reality. 

in the dim
I see Your hand
tracing shapes in the water
dreaming for me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just the sound of walking
Shoes scraping against asphalt
Strollers whisking past, full of life
Overhead, behind and before us, angels sing Holy.

We are silent, because we can hear children screaming
We are silent, because their voice is denied
We are silent, because broken hearts make no sound
Hear our silent screams, you kings.
You will answer for every drop of blood.

Around us, trucks and helicopters and why, why, why, blaring from screens
“You should be ashamed” they say.
No, you should be ashamed.
Your hands are stained, and you have forgotten how to blush.

God, end abortion and send revival to America.