Monday, April 7, 2008

the Call Alabama

There's thousands of us here
and nobody really knows why
except maybe if we join together and ask
You will come
and remove the curse from this nation

We're all badly broken
and flawed, so flawed
but maybe, if we lift You up
You'll draw us near

The sound is deafening
a multitude of hearts breaking
with Yours, for Yours

And maybe we've got it right
maybe we've got it wrong
but we can't stop asking
that much we know

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I said, You said

Condemn it, I said.
Just tear the whole thing down.
It's been wrecked beyond repair, I said.

No, no. You said.
There's beauty in these ruins.
Wait a little, You said.

The pain is too great, I said.
It will swallow me whole.
I can't see for the smoke, I said.

Look here, You said.
There's diamonds from the coals,
You will shine again, You said.

I'm beginning to see, I said.
Afraid to hope but hoping.
Maybe You can rebuild me, I said.