Sunday, June 26, 2011

"People say he has my ears," I tell you,
and we all laugh
because he has your ears
and your eyes and your blood

the cord that holds us together
is him 
and whether he knows or not, yet
his family is deep and wide and beautiful

for a moment 
I am looking in two sets of crystal blue eyes
two dimpled chins
the same rosebud mouth I see every day, today I see on you
because he is part of you

he holds my hand
he holds all our hearts
we will always be connected

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

evan, rees, seven

i remember being seven
in heaven, is it a little the same?

I'm okay, you know
not whole, because part of me is you
but okay

somedays, though, it is agony
to know just a veil separates us
brothers, blonde and strong, tumbling
just on the other side of the screen
between me and you

when I close my eyes 
I can see you, almost
my sons, my babies, my boys
flesh of my flesh, spirit

I love you